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Welcome to Day FIVE!!! Amar & Brinder’s Wedding Reception Finale! If you have not yet seen all the previous ceremonies leaing up to the last day feel free to browse these links to catch up to the reception: Day ONE, Day TWO, Day THREE & Day FOUR Now, on to Day FIVE: It was an […]

Amar + Brinder: Day 5 of 5- Amar & Brinder’s Wedding Reception Finale!

Welcome to Day FOUR!!! Wedding Day! {Gasp!} After all the events captured up to this moment, The Wedding day is finally here! We are so excited to show you their wedding day photos (you should be too!). But first if you have not yet seen the pre-wedding ceremonies here are the links to each one […]

Amar + Brinder: Day 4 of 5- Amar & Brinder’s Wedding Day- A Perfect Day for a Sikh Wedding!

Hopefully by this point you have had the chance to see the previous two days but just in case you didn’t see them yet, here are the links to visit them: Day ONE and Day TWO The burning temperatures from the late July day forced Amar’s Mayian indoors to keep family and guests from passing […]

Amar + Brinder: Day 3 of 5- Amar’s Mayian | Brinder’s Shagun, Mayian, and Chuda | Amar’s Sangeet

Here we are on day TWO of FIVE from Amar and Brinder’s wedding week, if you missed yesterday’s post from Day ONE, you may want to go and check it out so you can get to see the joy from all their wedding day events. One the second day we focused primarily on Brinder’s side […]

Amar + Brinder: Day 2 of 5- Brinder’s Mayian and Ladies Sangeet

I love seeing families get together… and for Amar’s Shagun ceremony at the Gurdwara in Shawnee KS on Day One, it was no exception! This ceremony was when the bride’s family got to shower him with tasty sweets and other presents at the Sikh temple and received blessings. The love and happiness in this ceremony […]

Amar + Brinder: Day 1 of 5- His Shagun and Her Mehndi

Love has no boundaries. I have seen lots of couples get married in both Kansas and Missouri, but this was actually the first time Josh and I shot in both states simultaneously! While I arrived to Brinder’s parent’s home before sunrise (yes, a little before 5:30 am) in KS, Josh was prepping to go to […]

SNEAK PEEK- Sikh Wedding Prep from Kansas to Missouri-

When Joshua and I got married, we didn’t think that we wouldn’t have an anniversary date. We were married the day after Thanksgiving in 2005 and as the years have gone by we’ve decided to make the day after Thanksgiving our anniversary–no matter what day that falls on. I’m sure many other couples with multiple […]

Hillary & Shay’s first wedding :) – Muslim Wedding in Lawrence KS

Haley H.

"Loraine and Josh both were incredible with making us and our guests feel comfortable."

Katie C.

"The quality of their photos is outstanding and we felt like they really captured our personalities on our wedding day!"

Carrie C.

"Wonderful experience with Mojica - our pictures are stunning and perfectly captured our big day. Loraine and Josh were also helpful with other vendors and invaluable when it came to planning the timeline."

Kaci B.

"Every time I look at our pictures I can't help but smile. They took my vision and made the pictures come to life."

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