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Getting to know your wedding photographers helps your wedding run more smoothly. The more you interact with your photographer, the more likely they get to envision your wedding day needs. This is why we like to introduce ourselves so you can feel comfortable telling us your wedding day details and dreams.

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Haley H.

"Loraine and Josh both were incredible with making us and our guests feel comfortable."

Katie C.

"The quality of their photos is outstanding and we felt like they really captured our personalities on our wedding day!"

Carrie C.

"Wonderful experience with Mojica - our pictures are stunning and perfectly captured our big day. Loraine and Josh were also helpful with other vendors and invaluable when it came to planning the timeline."

Kaci B.

"Every time I look at our pictures I can't help but smile. They took my vision and made the pictures come to life."

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Josh is a native Kansan and was raised just an hour away in the land of the Jayhawks in Lawrence KS. Outside of work, you may find him taking care of tasks such as welding something (a newly discovered talent), building Loraine some new shelves or anything else that involves a lot of measuring, drilling, and sawing. If he would describe a perfect day it would include table tennis, grilling, and a root-beer float.  

Loraine is the reason why Mojica is in the name of this business, it is her maiden name and wanted to share with the world how much she wants to honor her family heritage. Many have asked her what Mojica means, so she tells them it means honor, loyalty, and love. When she is not wearing her business hat, you may catch her working on her new talents such as gardening and painting. Otherwise, she will be scouting, singing, or searching for her ancestors in her  Puerto Rican genealogy! 

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The next day, Loraine's mom flew in to visit from Puerto Rico, and Loraine decided to welcome her with a Caribbean feast. The main dish was Guineitos en Escabeche (a Puerto Rican green banana salad)! She went a little overboard on the portions for two. There was so much leftovers that when friends from 3 other apartments came over to socialize she was able to offer some to everyone. She couldn't help but notice that not only was Josh from one of those neighboring three apartments, but that he kept coming back for more. Unbeknownst to her, Josh wasn’t so much enamored with the unique dish, as he simply hadn't had an opportunity to go grocery shopping yet.
The next few days Josh, Loraine (and her mom) were inseparable. The very next Saturday while Loraine was out, he called and invited both Loraine and her mom out to a piano recital. The intention was to attend along with some roommates, but they fortunately couldn't attend at the last minute, so Loraine and Josh went on their very first date with her mom as chaperone. 
After three and a half weeks from that first Sunday, there was a salsa dance advertised on campus. This time by themselves, Loraine got to witness how adorably awkward Josh was when it came to dancing. She told herself it really didn't matter too much; “He can learn, right?” That night as they walked home after the dance, Josh just stopped them mid-conversation under a street lamp. He nervously got down on both knees (Loraine jokingly says he was begging), and poured out his feelings and told Loraine how he felt around her, and how he didn't want it to end. Loraine felt the same way. Although there was not a single soul to witness the most important decision Josh and Loraine made, they both knew that it felt right. For most, two and a half weeks of dating is not enough to really get to know the person you are about to marry, but for Loraine and Josh, it was enough for them to decide to start the wonderful journey that is marriage together.

Summer 2005. Loraine was frequently finding herself on her knees, wondering why she hadn't met the right guy yet. Granted, she had been raised in Puerto Rico, and the dating game here in the states was elaborate and confusing! "Who asks out a girl without even knowing her name?!" Loraine would ask herself in one particularly vexing instance. "Why did he leave for an intramural game while we were still at the dinner table and have his roommate to drive me home?" "Why did he ask me out for a double blind date for his friend?!" It was annoying and she hated it! She wondered why guys couldn't just say what they meant and get the whole guessing part over with. It seemed as if all of of her roommates had someone to call ‘honey.’

Loraine eventually started to contemplate moving to BYU-Hawaii that she was considering didn't seem like a bad option. She did after all miss the sandy beaches and salty ocean splashing on her feet! Since her mom was going to come for a visit, she was determined to finish the summer in Brigham Young University  and the start working on her transfer papers to BYU-Hawaii afterwards. She was tired of all the guessing and asking guys out on dates! She capitulated and stopped praying to meet “the one,” and started praying that transferring schools would work. The inspiration to forget about her dating situation and get back to work came into her mind. And then that Sunday came. 

Loraine was at the front of the auditorium being used as a chapel, preparing to direct the hymns. She was a little overwhelmed, since she knew that with all the music students in the congregation, someone would probably see that she had decided to memorize the parts rather than reading the notes in the hymn book (Loraine has always sung at a high volume, something Josh adores about her!) She had to remind herself that it was all voluntary and she loved to sing; “Just enjoy it while it lasts,” she told herself. It was then that she looked up from the music and noticed him walk in, wearing a white shirt and tie and a black Mr. Rogers-esque sweater vest. As she watched him find a seat among the congregation, all the worrying melted away. She had to force herself to stop staring at him across the large auditorium and allowed her roommate who was on the piano to start playing the intro to the hymn and conducted the music trying to make eye contact and smiling with everyone while they all sang congregational hymns, hoping that she wasn't too obvious that she lingered ever so slightly with the young man in the black sweater vest.

After the sermons ended, Loraine volunteered to conduct Sunday school. All the new summer students introduced themselves. Thankfully, he was the second person to stand up. With some awkwardness, he started "I’m Josh, I’m from Kansas, and I’m probably just going to take summer classes here and then go back to KU." "Jerk! Why would you just attend college somewhere just for the summer," Loraine thought to herself. “Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! All guys are just confusing!”

After a dozen or so more introductions, it was Loraine’s turn to introduce herself and start Sunday school. Josh looked up to see the Puerto Rican and thought to himself "Wow… Just, wow!" He contemplated asking her out, and then thought better of it. “She’s way out of my league,” he lamented.                                       

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How Loraine and Josh met



Close story

Close story



I've been told before that I "married up," and while that might cause some to ask, "well what am I, chopped liver!" I know that they've been right. When Loraine agreed to become my wife, ignoring the fact that all I had to offer were some vague aspirations at a career somewhere far off in the distance, almost no savings, no job, years of school ahead of me—in short, nothing save for complete and utter adoration for her, she took a chance to say the least. All these years, I've tried to become a man that was worthy of her love. I am inspired by her endless patience at my shortcomings and hopefulness in the future. Loraine is one of the most dynamic, genuine people I have ever met. She is completely without guile. She inspires me continually to be a better friend, a kinder father, a smarter shopper, a healthier eater—a better human being. 

- Josh


- Loraine

This may sound a bit cliché, but I love seeking knowledge and wisdom through genuine sources who teach by example and who do so without the expectancy of getting paid for it. I especially love to learn from the individuals who lived in the stories of the scriptures, as they describe their every day life problems, I see MY every day life problems. I learn from the ways they solve the life struggles they had in their day to enrich my own life. I feel that life is too short to make all the mistakes myself, so I crave learning from others and enjoy spending time with seniors. I am eternally grateful for those who have paved the way for us, giving us room to be freed from worries that I could have had if I hadn't learned from their examples, heartaches, and teachings. 




I grow nostalgic when I think of the times I've walked outside, noticed the strangeness of the color of the light cast on the ground by the cloud-shrouded sun, and stared awestruck at mountainous thunderheads on the horizon. I can scarcely take in, even one frame at a time through the lens of my camera, all of the wonder and glory that is this "pale blue dot" of a planet we live on. On some nights in the country I gaze up at the stars and am amazed at the vastness of the Milky Way, and at the power of even the farthest stars to fling their light across impossible distances. I'm inspired by the magnitude of the cosmos, and the order of the laws which govern it.

- Josh


Our Son

- Loraine

There is something magical about having children. Although Josh and I have been blessed with only one child, his very existence is a miracle in and of itself. The more I think of or son, the more I realize that if it were not for him, we would not be doing the things we are doing today. I definitely would not have become a photographer, because over the years, our son has been my muse and model. He's helped me figure out how to learn the patience to make little ones in a bridal party cooperate and even get them to laugh for pictures. He has taught me to see the beauty of things that are not so beautiful. He has taught me the skill to foresee spills, repair needs, and figure out backup plans because life happens! It is incredible how much one can appreciate the small things in life so much more because of the birth of a child, even one that happened 12 years ago. 


People that have made sacrifices

I'm sure we have all come across people that have made sacrifices for their children or for their careers, but I have been blessed to have people that have come into my life and teach me through their examples how to sacrifice for those we love. One such individual is my wife's father, George. He cared for his wife through decades of illness, changing careers and leaving behind friends, family, and opportunities to move to a climate that made it easier for her, closing the books on unrealized dreams to be with her. I am inspired by his loyalty and am grateful for the influence he has on my family.

- Josh



Even though I am very well capable in opening my own door, I love how he teaches our son acts of love by being a gentleman. He not only opens the door for me, but you may also catch him underneath someone's car who broke down on the highway just because he wants to help them out. He is incredibly honest in all his dealings, he wouldn't even entertain an agreement if it implies a little white lie!  He teaches me to be a better mother by being such an incredible dad, he teaches our son the values he has learned, and would include him in as many projects as he can even if it'll slow him down just so our son would be able to learn. He inspires me to not be a defeatist because when problems arise, he quickly tries to solve them and if he doesn't know the answer, he'd find a way to proactively find a solution. I want to be the best version of me because of how he treats us at home. 

- Loraine

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