Kansas City Area Haldi Ceremony

Meher’s Haldi Ceremony

Because each bride is unique, every haldi ceremony is unique. I find SO much beauty and fun in this ceremony! I love how they included me in this one! When we arrived my hair was warming her recently removed mehndi over the stove. we immediately dropped our bags and started shooting even before setting up our gear in the sunroom where we were two prepare for the haldi ceremony.
Warming henna to get henna to stain darker

Crushing Spices

It was really fun to see Meher’s aunts and uncles having their little competition of crushing spices. It was time and there definitely were winners.
indian haldi ceremony decor on mantel

Aunts and uncles during haldi ceremony, crushing spices

Aunts and uncles during haldi ceremony, crushing spices

crushed spices


The haldi (turmeric) paste was perfectly made! I love it when all the auntie started to smear the turmeric on everyone else except the bride, hers were placed on a large leaf she was holding. The scene was filled with laughter and joyful struggles to not get pasted! But everyone who allowed it did! At a moment when I lowered my camera from capturing the turmeric fest, Meher’s massi (or chachi) cornered me with a huge grin and two fists full of haldi. She must have perceived my excitement because she didn’t stop at my cheeks, she also smeared the creamy turmeric on my forehead, nose, and chin. In 8 years of shooting Indian weddings, this was the first time I got to experience the turmeric paste on my own face! It was quite fun and refreshing!

haldi turmeric paste

haldi fight

haldi ceremony blessing bride

indian wedding photographer with haldi

Family Love

We loved capturing the hugs and love in the sunroom at Meher’s parents’ home. One of the best things about capturing Indian weddings is seeing the love; the love that exists between the bride and her family and the groom and his family. It is neat to see the cultural aspect of how they interact with each other during each ceremony. After the ceremony, we took a few detail shots before heading out in preparation for the sangeet later that day.

Come back tomorrow and check out the Sangeet!
Bride during Haldi

leaf with haldi

Dad kissing Indian bride

Sister with bride during Haldi ceremony

family portrait during Haldi ceremony

Sister with bride during Haldi

details during Haldi ceremony

traditional haldi ceremony

All photos are by Mojica Photography

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Kansas City Area Haldi Ceremony

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