A Kansas City Indian Wedding Mehendi Night-Meher and Alex

Kansas City Indian Wedding Mehendi Night

Getting ready for a Kansas City Indian wedding Mehendi night is such a fun time to watch as brides get ready for their grooms and as you start seeing the two families starting to get together. It’s lovely to see the henna applied to hear the conversations among the bride and bridesmaids and to see all the colors decorations and food fall into place. Everyone is all smiles as they anticipate the arrival of the groom. The henna artists have a beautifully decorated corner as they decorate the hands and arms of all who come to them with intricate detail.

Indian Bride and sister during Mehendi night Details of henna on feet Bridal henna Bridal henna Indian bangles Decorations Bridal henna indian sisters hugging putting on henna on a toddler putting on henna on a toddler Cousin of the bride Henna Artist applying henna tikki torch mehendi night set up

The Groom’s Arrival

Then the long-awaited time arrives, the groom and his caravan arrive! I love how these two particular families came together during this event. Once the groom’s side of the family arrives, everyone in the bride’s side of the family come together lighting up sprinklers to welcome the groom and his family and friends. Most of which, in this case, flew in from London. As if the accents we were hearing from Meher’s side wasn’t music already, the British accent that followed Alex (the groom) into the backyard was candy for my ears! It was all lovely to hear them all, but it was a more beautiful sight to watch everyone hugging and greeting each other as if they were all old friends!

Sparklers groom's arrival groom's arrival groom's arrival groom's arrival

How to hug with wet henna

Although the mehndi design (henna) made hugging quite entertaining to watch, you can see how much they already loved each other!

hugging with henna on hugging with henna on

Remember Hina and Nilam?

If you have followed us for the past 8 years you may recognize Hina and Nilam from my very first Indian wedding! Back when I used to shoot weddings by myself (so grateful Josh came on board!) After the two families where United there are so many stories exchanged, aunties drawing henna on other ladies! I especially loved seeing one of the aunties put henna on Alex’s grandma. It was truly a gift to see everyone from SO many walks of life mingle together! A true tapestry of love!

Past Bride past groom Nilam

how to draw your own henna on auntie applying henna on groom's grandma auntie applying henna on groom's grandma

The Quilt

Speaking of tapestry, I will never forget Alex’s mom’s gift to the couple, a traditional quilt filled with quotes from beloved family members directed to Alex and Meher!

heritage quilt heritage quilt heritage quilt heritage quilt

Stealing his shoes

And of course, girls will be girls, and will steal his shoes at least try to. the sneaky groomsman went closet to closet searching through boxes and bringing down many other shoes until they found the right pair and gave them back to Alex! One success I’ve never really witnessed before in more than 8 years shooting Indian weddings!


Before leaving, Josh brought out the big lights and we took some portraits of both side’s immediate family members, of the sisters and the couple.

Indian wedding Mehendi portraits Indian wedding Mehendi portraits of family Indian bride sisters Indian bride sisters Indian-American bride and British-American groom

A great start of a lovely wedding weekend!

All photos were taken by Loraine and Josh from Mojica Photography

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A Kansas City Indian Wedding Mehendi Night-Meher and Alex

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