Morrell Ranch Gallatin, MO- A Destination Wedding Venue You’ll Love

You know the feeling when you fall in love? You know when you just turn to your partner and think: “Wow, I am so lucky to have this person in my life!” Once you get to that point in life, you just don’t want that feeling to go away. The more you get to know that person, you fall more in love. Even to this day since 2005 I still get to learn new reasons to fall deeply in love with Josh. He still manages to surprise me with little things he knows would make me smile or laugh. Things he knows I’d appreciate. It’s been over 12 years and I still learn new things about him. Now, what does telling you about falling in love have to do with Morrell Ranch?

Falling in Love with Morrell Ranch

Take that sentiment of falling in love and turn it into the feeling you get when you go somewhere familiar. A feeling of home without being home. A place you long to be. That is how I feel at Morrell Ranch. That is why I accepted to become part of the team of the ranch as I see how it can continue to grow in the wedding industry. They have everything from two amazing man-made lakes to the lodging and reception hall called the Rose Room. From the moment I walked through its doors, I thought told Josh- “this is where Matthew (our son) will have his reception!” He was 10 years old when I said that guys! (SO sorry to my future daughter-in-law I hope you appreciate the beauty all around this place!)

Our First Visit

The first time Josh and I went to the ranch was late last summer taking pictures of a family reunion. I kept thinking how picturesque the location was! Nature even decided to bless us with amazing clouds that day! The day was so perfect and the experience just being there made me almost feel guilty that Matthew actually didn’t come with us to the photoshoot! After pictures, we were invited inside of the Lodge. And took in even more wedding venue beauty! The beauty did not stop! The kitchen was just had the perfect features of a dream kitchen!

Family reunion portrait at Morrell Ranch Gallatin MO Family reunion candids at Morrell Ranch Family reunion Gallatin MO
Morrell Ranch Main Lodge
Morrell Ranch Main Lodge and front porch

Meeting Baby Bambi–Three of them!

Then we were invited to go to the Rose Room where were greeted by three baby Bambies!!! What a beautiful as I got closer to their corral, and they got closer to me, I just melted! At that point, I really felt bad that we didn’t bring Matthew along with us!

The Rose Room

We entered the building to the Rose Room and loved the set up of the lobby area. Lots of cute details here and there, but then after walking down the long corridor to the Rose Room, I was in awe! This is When I declared “This is the place where Matthew will have his reception!” Since we had our cameras, I decided to take a few pictures of the beautifully draped rotunda! I felt like I found a gem!

Rose Room MorrellRanch
Rose Room Morrell Ranch

I honestly, do not know why it took me this long to share this gem with you all. After nearly a decade of shooting weddings, I’ve probably been to a couple hundred venues. This is the only venue I ever felt the way I still do today…the feeling of coming home. For being in a Ranch-like area, it doesn’t feel at all like a barn wedding. Sure it has the rustic feel to it, but the elegance and gorgeous landscape are just breathtaking!

Working at Morrell Ranch

This winter, I actually started working for the ranch as their venue’s wedding coordinator- and their head photographer. Don’t worry (for those who need us in the urban areas of the Kansas City metro area and those who need us nationally or internationally, we still can shoot in the venue of your choice! 🙂 I just simply cannot wait to see what amazing stories we will be sharing with you in future events and weddings!

Morrell Ranch

You are Invited

If you just got engaged (or want to find a gem of a place to propose to your beautiful bride-to-be, come and visit us so we can chat about your dream wedding because quite honestly, having a wedding here is just a dream! I wanted to share a little something about my very first bridal tour at the ranch, the bride, at one point of the tour said: “You know I thought I was going to have to settle for a venue. But then I found you guys!” That to me was confirmation that what I felt about Morrell Ranch was not just me. That feeling is real, and I invite you to travel to this destination wedding site without having to spend all day traveling so you can feel that feeling of beauty, nature, and elegance.

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Morrell Ranch Gallatin, MO- A Destination Wedding Venue You’ll Love

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