LDS Kansas City Temple Wedding: Mindi and Gregg

On a lovely late summer afternoon, we arrived at the LDS Kansas City Temple grounds to find the flowerbeds fully blossomed! The droplets of water poured out from higher parts of the fountain to the next. The fountain and the landscaping were, as usual, beautifully manicured!

Kansas City Temple Grounds

As we arrived before the sealing before the sealing even begins, we were able to find some time to take pictures of the temple grounds even step back to see Moroni peeking through the leaves of the trees.

Angel Moroni on Kansas City Temple
purple flowers in front of LDS KC temple and bumble bee

It is always fun to meet the bride and grooms family and friends at the end of an LDS Temple wedding. This time was a little different, however. This time around we actually knew some of the guests! Friends who used to live in Lawrence but are now a few states away who happened to come on the exact weekend for a business trip the same week Mindi and Gregg got married! Pleasant surprises are always the best!

Guests waiting outside the Kansas City Temple

Getting Ready for the Grand Exit

When both the bride’s mom and dad have come down, you can tell that their the bride and groom are close by and it’s time for everyone to come up to the doors of the temple. This way they are right where the newlywed can immediately see the support from their loved ones! As you can see, everyone was extremely happy to see them exit the temple as husband and wife.

LDS kansas city temple sealing parents of the bride
Greeting the Bride and groom

grand exit Bride and Groom of Kansas City Temple

Bride and Groom outside Kansas City Temple

Bride and Groom outside Kansas City Temple

Happy Wife, Happy life

Although they have only been married for a few minutes at this point, you can tell Mindi has the best contagious feature… an amazing smile! You can basically see happiness emanating from her very being! And just by the way he looked at her all afternoon, you can tell that he too was happy to now call her his wife.

LDS Kansas City Temple bride

LDS Kansas City Temple bride smile

The Unintentional Selfie

Mindi and Gregg held hands a lot! It was truly adorable! So I naturally went in to get a closer shot since I didn’t quite have the zoom lens on, I just got in a bit closer than normal and took a quick shot. I was hoping that they didn’t notice since they were talking to guests at the time. But as I was going in for the shot, I noticed something on Gregg’s ring. I noticed that I could see a perfect reflection of myself! That inspired me to capture a few other pictures later on. Wait for it… they are the last few pictures on this blog post!
reflection on ring, unintentional selfie

On Temple Grounds

We love seeing that what our couples value most is the same thing we treasure. We treasure our own marriage and keeping each other happy, smiling, and holding hands!

walking on LDS Kansas City Temple Grounds

After crossing over to the field near the Stake Center, we were able to capture a picture that would simply highlight the couple and the temple!

Bride and groom Near the LDS Kansas KC Temple

Tall kansas grass and LDS Kansas City with bride and groom

Sealed couple right outside KC LDS Temple

Back to the Temple

After the mini excursion, we decided to take a few more pictures on temple grounds which were both tender and sweet! We loved how the sun shone down on them just at the right angle and at the right time for a summer wedding!

LDS Bride and Groom

Having No Beginning and No End

We have heard in SO many weddings that because a ring is a perfect circle. It has no beginning and no end. And is compared that this should symbolize the love of the couple getting married. I’d like to add… If the ring is reflective enough, that we MUST reflect what is most important to the couple. Their love and the place they chose to get married in. I can only hope that every time Gregg and Mindi look at his wedding band, They remember today. That they can remember the promises they made on this summery day in the LDS Kansas City Temple.

Reflection of Bride and groom on ring LDS Kansas City Temple

Bride and groom kissing with reflection on ring

LDS Kansas City Temple grounds on Wedding day

All photos are by Mojica Photography

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LDS Kansas City Temple Wedding: Mindi and Gregg

  1. Sandy Jones says:

    We would like a photographer on Dec 22 for a 2pm temple sealing. Bridals are going to be done over Thanksgiving and the reception is in Utah. This means we would like to have wedding day pictures of bride and groom and their very large family. Is this something you are available to do?

  2. Loraine says:

    Thanks for reaching out! I’ll be calling you privately from here on out! 🙂

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