Embassy Suits, Olathe: Priya and Ashish’s Garba Ceremony

Getting ready for Garba Night

When I arrive to Priya’s room at the agreed time her hair was already pinned up with her beautiful orange floral hair piece by White Carpet Bride. She was getting her final touches by Ayesha. So I quickly laid out her bangles, anklet, and perfume for the night. Mind you, I only had time to grab these three items look below and you will see that she wore a whole lot more. She was ready for garba night!

Indian Bride getting her makeup done

Priya proved to be able to shine! Not using rhinestones or gems, but using mirrors—lots of mirrors! Her entire outfit had hundreds if not thousands of mirrors decorating it. She definitely stood out and a lot of her jewelry clicked and chimed sounds as she moved. Which means lots of attention during the dancing. I love how Ayesha blended her eyeshadow and make up for the upcoming evening.

getting ready for garba night

The intricate mehndi design on Priya’s hands and arms are just captivating! The same took really dark on her Palms which is always a good sign that the henna paste was done right!

garba night henna hands

Sarah from Quincentennial Events was on call all night long she definitely stepped up to help every time the occasion arrived. That’s a Fatima was not already helping.

wedding planner helping Indian Bride

Meeting the Groom

And then we met with Ashish, Priya’s groom. Having arrived only moments before from Nashville Tennessee from his own ceremonies he got ready to start all the rest of the events with his future Mrs. We had a few portraits inside and large ring in front of Embassy Suites. And then took more portraits in front of the prairie grass that is typical in Kansas fields.

Bride and groom at embassy Suites
bride garba night
bride and groom garba portraits

The stage for Garba Night

The floral decoration on the stage crowns with bright orange carnations was simply breathtaking. A&L Floral Designs worked with the hotel’s engineer to make sure that the crown she built hung perfectly center on stage. While Kiran Decorations provided the furniture, uplighting, and backdrop. They also we’re the ones who customized a table that had the center spinning that held the statue of the bride and groom dancing.

bride and groom garba portraits on stage
garba stage
garba decorations

There are so many statues and decorations flowers and more throughout the hotel welcoming guests and everyone there of the events that was about to take place. At first, guests mingled in the lobby area and laughed and posed for us. And then the Garba night began.

garba decor
garba decor
guests mingling before garba

First the bride’s sisters try to convince the groom that they are not going to poison him with whatever concoction they created. It seems like a sheeshas cousins were genuinely concerned for his wife protecting him from the unknown beverages. But we all know that it’s all for fun and games. He then is fed and blessed by the mother of the bride.

offerings to the groom

Rhythm of Dreams

We absolutely love all these bright colors surrounding us it truly adds life to any room. As we entered the main room I recall hearing this beautiful flute music and later on looking to my side and notice that it was live! Rhythm of Dreams in the house! I simply cannot express how lovely it was for them to walk about playing their instruments and encouraging everyone to dance. It was fun to see a live band who were not restricted to their stage.

ladies greeting the other family Garba night
rhythm of dreams

Garba Night

Priya and Ashish were welcomed buy a long applause as the came in, lit some candles, and started the Garba. It started with just the bride and groom and then eventually almost the entire room was dancing. I must admit that I may have been tempted to try few steps myself. Instead I decided to keep on shooting. Josh took this amazing shot of Priya fanning her skirt as she twirled. If you look carefully, you can see a glimmer of light bouncing off the mirrors from the hem of her skirt! Though her dress was indeed filled with mirrors, the chances of that happening is pretty tricky to align.

grand entrance for garba bride and groom dancing the garba dance
guests dancing at the garba night
bling on the skirt on garba night
garba night wedding planner help bride
bride and groom in front of garba daning

Dancing with Dandiyas

Then out came the dandiyas! They are dancing sticks which if you learn the rhythm can be a very fun dance. You tap your sticks with someone in front of you and twirl to find a new dancer in front of you. It was mostly very graceful and we’re not really fun!

dandiya dancing

And of course, how else would you prefer to end the night? Why not lift the groom up on your shoulders while showering him with a handful of petals? Tomorrow he will be married to his bride!

garba dancing finale groom on shoulders

All photos are by Mojica Photography
Wedding Planner: Quintessential Event Planning
Hair: White Carpet Bride
Makeup: Makeup by Ayesha Baig
Decorations: Kiran’s Decorations
Flowers: A&L Floral Designs
Venue: Embassy Suites, Olathe Convention Center

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Embassy Suits, Olathe: Priya and Ashish’s Garba Ceremony

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