How Much do you Value your Marriage?



How many times will you get married to the same person?

How about marrying the same person five times?! Now add one more factor, committing to marriage to the same person five times without a single divorce. I want to approach today’s post a little differently because I love the sentiment behind this next ceremony in Hindu weddings. For many years I have seen the parents performing this ritual but didn’t understand it until recently.

What is the Satak Ritual?

As explained to me, the satak ceremony is a time where the bride and groom’s parents can get remarried. It is a shorter wedding ceremony but they are still getting remarried, what a beautiful sentiment! This ceremony keeps returning to my mind, even after the wedding! What an amazing example that must be for the child to look forward to during their own wedding preparations! To see their parents showing them that marriage is so important to them that they are willing to marry each other over and over again is truly exemplary. Here, it was Lata and Pravin’s fifth, and last time to get married. The first time when they first got married and four other times when each of their four daughters got married.

Teaching Priya about Marriage

Because I do not know the language, I can only guess that the priest guides the parents on how to bless their daughter to soon to become a Mrs. (Please correct me anyone!) The essence I want to focus on in this blog post is that marriage is indeed a lovely step we get to take during our existence. I won’t go into all the benefits of marriage here, but I do want to say that the wedding day is just the beginning of their lives together. A beginning of a series of choices that will last a foerever.

Marriage is the Best Choice I’ve Ever Made

Marriage has been the best thing I have ever accomplished in my lifetime. Period. Having the ability to make a choice and then to continually find ways to love my choice has been a huge blessing to me. Which makes it that much more worth it when we overcome misunderstandings, cultural differences, or issues that we encounter. Marriage is more than a one-day commitment, it is a lasting promise we make to each other.

Every now and then, Josh and I get to here many promises and vows couples make to each other and each time I silently commit myself to be better wife. The embraces he tends to give me soon after such vows, promises or covenants show me that he silently did the same thing as well. Being able to grow from our marriage has been what has shaped both of us into who we are today. And sure as many couples, we aren’t perfect, but each hardship we get to overcome together makes us stronger and more able to overcome the next trial. ♥

Back to Priya

Stepping down from my soapbox now. Since Priya is the reason Lata and Pravin got to get married again, let’s get back to her! I have never seen an outfit as like this one before! After getting up from getting her hair and makeup done, she revealed a train from her outfit’s top. (drool!) You can tell that Priya thought ahead when it came to her outfits. Even though they were all each intricate with detail, they were all quite easy to put on! With the exception of having to pin on her dupatta, she dressed herself!

earrings, shoes ad bangles
Beautiful skyblue and gold trim Indian bride outfit for satak
bride getting ready for satak

bridal outfit for satak ceremony

We loved the flowers in her hair! And we loved being able to have a mini bridal shoot with her while we were waiting for the Satak ceremony to begin! ♥

bridal shoot before the satak ceremony

Once the ceremony began, two rituals took place simultaneously. The Parents began the ceremony inside the ballroom while Priya remained outside with her aunt and uncle as they prepared her to join her parents.

parents kick off the satak ceremony
aunt and uncle helps bride get ready for satak ceremny
bride arrives to satak

This is what it looks like to get married to the same person five times: smiles, a hug, and a kiss ♥

married again
satak details and decorations
Hindu satak
Indian wedding photographers take picture of satak
satak ceremony with parents
family blessing during satak ceremony
pouring seeds into a flame during satak
satak details
receiving blessing during the satak ceremony

Josh followed Lata and Pravin to see who they sought blessings from and who they reached out to. This set of pictures was so insightful to me, filled with powerful emotion. As soon as I saw these pictures Josh took I wept.  As I saw them approach their elders, I imagined them all as if it were their first wedding day. I saw Pravin and his young bride Lata reaching out to their aunties as newlyweds seeking advice. I imagined conversations they must have had. And many other people no longer with us surrounding them, congratulating them. This moment was tremendously powerful and continues to fill my eyes with tears for missing family I never knew or met.

greeting aunties
Indian bride and family and friends
bridesmaids of an Indian bride
All photos are by Mojica Photography
Wedding Planner: Quintessential Event Planning
Decorations: Kiran’s Decorations
Flowers: A&L Floral Designs

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How Much do you Value your Marriage?

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