Shawnee Mission Park- Kansas Engagement Session- Charity and Don

Kansas Engagement Session

For those who are not from the area, Kansas City is right next to a cluster of smaller suburbs called Shawnee, Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa. All on the Kansas side of the state line. We love shooting in these areas since they are part of the Kansas City area we all love and adore. This Kansas engagement session took place in Shawnee Mission Park in Lenexa KS. A huge park you could spend an entire day taking pictures there and still have lots of other places to go and fall in love with. Not just for photographers to fall in love with because of its eye-candy, but for the couples to hold hands, go for a stroll, and laugh with each other.

kansas engagement session

Kansas Engagement Session on an Island?

It’s not every day that we get to walk across a bridge to a small itty bitty island in the center of a pond. It is connected to the rest of the park by a bridge. This is the place Don decided to propose to Charity. It naturally was the perfect location where they have their engagements as well. It became a place with additional memories in addition to those that they had just created on the day Don got on his knee. As soon as we arrived we were grateful for the storm that came the day before. It cooled down the hot summer quite a bit. Though we definitely could have loved it more without the humidity, we still wanted to let them enjoy this shoot by discovering new spots and capturing them in the moment.

I also loved that we stopped every time we saw them walking by certain areas like between the tree branches and crossing over the bridge. And of course since we are surrounded by water on this little pond island, we just had to take a reflection shot by the edge of the island.
Back on the small little island, we got to capture pictures of the two hugging. This embrace was powerful, full of emotion, genuine love as they stood beside the pond. Embraces with smiles in between hugs where Josh was able to capture some detail on Charity’s engagement ring while stile capturing a big smile in the background.

Shawnee Mission Park engagement SessionEngaged couple kissing around branches kansas engagement session photographers

Engagement Pictures with the Sky

We LOVE sky pictures! Every time we see amazing skies with clouds that are perfectly puffy or beautifully scattered, we try our best to include them in the shoot! At one point, while walking back to our cars we saw the perfect cluster of clouds in the sky! It was juxtaposed to perfectly green grass. The scene itself looked photoshopped so we could not pass up a sky shot! These clouds were just epic! I even laid down in the wild grass, risking myself in getting attacked by chiggers (AKA berry bugs) to capture this shot. I also loved the close-ups Josh was able to capture while he was closer to them simultaneously. Joking with them and capturing their true laughter and genuinely creating moments with them.

epic sky pictures in Kansas

smiling in between kisses

Engagement Pictures in a Creek

We loved capturing the stream pictures that flowed by a trail at the park. It was both magical and refreshing! We loved that the rock hopping pictures were genuinely them! They were helping each other make it from one solid foundation to the next! Isn’t that what married life is all about anyway?! I absolutely love how these two are just adorable with each other!

engagement pictures at creek in Shawnee mission park engagement pictures at creek in Shawnee mission park cute couple in engagement pictures at creek in Shawnee mission park



Engagement Pictures in the Grass

Kansas has lots of prairie grass. Though it was still growing in, it was fun enough to sit, twirl, and make wishes in. As a child dandelions were magical flowers not weeds. So when we see them on a shoot, childhood thoughts come to mind. I asked if they thought it would be cute to relive their childhood for a moment. Plucking a ready-to-blow dandelion off the ground, I could not help thinking back. When I was a child, I used to see things I wanted as something to wish for. Now that I am older I see them as something to hope for. I know that if I work hard enough, things would turn out well. Which is how we try to see our own marriage. Not as a wish come true, but as something worth working for.

Marriage is worth each memory we build together easy or hard, happy or sad. Each memory we spend with each other grows into love stronger and worth fighting for. We also got to focus on Charity’s engagement ring gathering a bunch of dried up wild grass. ​And of course we loved ending this session with the two of them in with the sunset.

blowing on dandelions

lifting up fiance in a grassy field

engaged couple and the sunset

engagement ring in dry grass the sunset

The Mojica Experience

We get to capture a lot of fun memories in our engagement sessions. But there is yet something else that is more important than what we capture. We like to create an experience throughout the shoot. The experiences our couples feel while taking the pictures with us is just as important as the pictures themselves. Typically by the time we capture the engagement pictures, we have already met the couple. The engagement session is usually the second time we get to all meet together.

Don said it best at the end of the shoot while we were packing up gear and saying our good-byes. Of this experience, he said “this felt more like a double date”. This is how we always feel how engagement sessions go! That to me was a successful evening for it became more than just pretty pictures, they became memorable moments.

- Engaged -




Shawnee Mission Park- Kansas Engagement Session- Charity and Don

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