Murphy’s Law in Weddings: Wedding Photographer Ends Up in the Lake!

The Murphy’s Law series is our way to warn brides that in spite of ALL the amazing pictures we show you on our website, in most weddings, life happens and something throws us a bit off course. Those are the parts of the story that make each of our brides’ days completely unique! Many times there are quick fixes to these obstacles and in other times, they may rob us of wedding day time. Regardless, they teach me a thing or two of setbacks that happen on wedding days and hope that I can share our experiences with you to possibly help avoid similar situations. And if they do happen still, let’s hope I have something in my wedding toolbox to help fix the issue at hand. Each episode will include a story and a segment to hopefully find ways to resolve this issue so it would not cause too much heartache on upcoming wedding days.

Episode 2: Wedding Photographer Ends Up in the Lake

You have no idea how many times I have seen those home-made videos and some others taken by the videographers where something happens with the photographer falling into a baptismal font or an entire wedding party wanting to take a jumping picture on a dock and it collapses making everyone fall into the lake! Those are some of my waking nightmares! When I see such moments, I pray that those cameras that get submerged into water were not the only ones brought to the wedding that day and I also wonder how the entire party figured out how to dry themselves before the wedding reception. Which is probably why Josh and I carry extra batteries, cards, flashes, and at least one extra camera with us to each wedding! The possibilities of something not working right on a wedding day is a huge responsibility on our end and sure we have insurance, but what about all those missed memories that are happening right then and there? If I were to back right into a baptismal font, at least I can laugh it all off to hide away the utter embarrassment. But then I could grab the backup gear and continue on dripping the rest of the way down the aisle hopefully leaving guests in shock that I’m still going on rather than crawling into a fetal position under the nearest rock (which is probably what I’d feel).

Well, even with all our hard work in preparing for the worst, things still happen and we can still end up dripping wet from head to toe in a lake. This is what happened to Josh in our last wedding!

First let me tell you what it was all about. In Desi weddings, our brides dress in such elegant jaw-dropping detail and I simply LOVE capturing each piece of jewelry they end up wearing (even some jewelry that they sometimes don’t end up wearing!) In spite of the quantity of it all, they can mean a great deal to the bride because it reminds them of their wedding day. So in Nikki and Roman’s wedding (blog about them coming soon) I took pictures of all the small details even of Nikki’s anklet.
sikh Bride's wedding anklet and henna

The more I think about this the more I am grateful on how we worked on the timeline, that in this case, for their two day wedding the photo-shoot at the lake was the very last thing on our agenda since the reception was going to be held the following day. It could have been a different scenario since we in most of our Sikh weddings we had gone straight to the shoot while everyone else congregates for a brief meal and they are reintroduced to the married couple for the blessings on the stage along with more pictures. For this wedding, didn’t want guests to wait and thought it would be best if the bride and groom first rested and had their first meal as a married couple and then after the blessings we’d go out for the pictures by the lake.

Best wedding portraits in Shawnee Ks

Best wedding portraits in Shawnee Ks

luxury fine art wedding portraits

After the amazingly artistic portraits of the couple and their bridal party by the lake, the bride wanted to take a few pictures of them dipping their feet in the water by the dock. Dismissing the rest of the wedding party to the bus, we headed over to the dock and while trying to take her anklets off, one plunked right into the lake! Nikki was so distraught and expressed how much it meant to her that Josh in his quiet way surveyed the depth of the lake, slipped off his socks and shoes and emptied his pockets. All this while I tried to keep our couple to make the best of this moment. It was until Josh was already in the water when the couple realized that he wanted to help get it back.

bride's gold bridal anklet fell in the lake

He estimated that the water was at most waist deep at the area where the anklet had fallen and realized he could probably feel for it with his toes. But that wasn’t working. So he took off his kurta pajama and went under water! I was so proud of my husband for going the extra mile for our couple that I actually forgot to take pictures for a few moments! At first he brought up some empty clam shells and fists full of mud but then as he was about to step leave the area, with one extra step he felt, and he dove once more coming up with with the anklet! As you can see in our groom’s face, we were all shocked that he actually found it in that zero visibility water and with only feeling with his toes.

the best wedding photographer ever searching for bride's ankletthe best wedding photographer ever finds bride's anklet in lake

In spite of Josh’s quiet manner, if something can be done to fix a problem, he does it. I love that SO much about him. It is a quality I’ll never change in him. Because in spite of the odds of getting all wet, and possibly not able to find it, he went in anyway and was able to make our bride happy in a way we have never before. And of course making their wedding story that much more cooler!

Wedding Photographer saves the day

How would you avoid this situation?
No matter how cool this story ended up, there were SO many factors that could have happened in which the anklet would have remained in the bottom of the lake: This was the last part of our shoot so it was ok that Josh would get wet because there was no dripping over reception floors to worry about later. The part where we were shooting wasn’t so deep, and we knew approximately where it fell. But in most cases on wedding days a tight schedule is inevitable, an extra set of clothes may not be at hand (but is always a good backup), and the lake could be much deeper. So in most cases it is best to try to avoid valuables from falling into a lake. These are going to be my guidelines for lakes pictures from now on (and should be yours too!):
1. I will ask brides and grooms to remove all loose items before getting on the dock area. We’ll place them in a safe place.
2. If our couples notice the potential of dropping something while already on the dock I’ll guide them to carefully remove it with the item over the dock (not over the water). Small chains, bracelets, etc sometimes have those annoying little clasps that slip so quickly on our nails in a split second.
3. If we have any body of water in our shoots planned out in our timelines, we’ll be sure to bring a swimsuit (hehe)
4. For brides who did not get to hire us for their weddings: make sure your photographers are cool and can swim. 😉

Life is WAY too short to experience all the effects of Murphy’s Law during weddings (nor do we wish to try to experience them all). If you have experienced something like this in your or a friend’s wedding (or would like to share your own Murphy’s Law wedding case) please share! We can all grow together!

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Murphy’s Law in Weddings: Wedding Photographer Ends Up in the Lake!

  1. Manmeet

    May 3rd, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Only THE BEST photographers would do this for thier client! Just goes to show how great Josh and Lorraine are. Start of as photographers and leave you as friends.

  2. Mojica Photography

    May 3rd, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    Awww! That definitely is how I feel about what we do! Every time I see you and Gagan in a wedding, I see you as friends even though you guys were technically a Mojica couple ❤ {hugs!}

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