Do We Deliver our RAW Files to Clients?

Many potential clients ask me if I would give them all the RAW files from their wedding not just the amazing selection of superior photos we end up enhancing by default as all our packages include. First off I’m sure there is a wedding blog out there (or two) telling couples that they should ask for all of the RAW files for their wedding and in by so doing are not explaining that MOST couples may not be able to do anything with RAW images. Let me explain, when potential clients ask for all the RAW files from their wedding besides all the edited ones we include, I do two things:

First, I consider if this potential client is also a photographer or graphic designer who would like to have access to all of their images so they can just have them all for personal sentiment and purposes.

And secondly, if they are not a photographer, I ask them if they can open RAW images on their computer namely, in our case .NEF files. The reason why I say this is because RAW images does not mean unedited-yet-MUCH-better-than-iPhone-pics. RAW images are actually not in a .jpg format altogether and without the proper photography editing software cannot be open on most computers (if not any). We shoot with Nikon cameras so the extension our files shoot are called .NEF files. Without opening a debate on which is best, we as well as many other professional photographers, choose to shoot in RAW because this way each image is captured with much more information and contains richer in detail that to us stays true to the style we and our couples enjoy. So when I ask them if their computer can open RAW, .NEF files, I learn at that point that they don’t really want the RAW files, but that they really just want to keep all the unedited memories we have captured on their wedding day.

At that point I assure all of our brides that after the wedding I go through all the images (we do NOT outsource our images) and select the best of the best because we do not want to overwhelm brides with repetitive-looking images. Though Josh and I try to carefully compose each and every photo we take, there are times that someone blinks, and we need to re-take a certain image again (posed or candid). And some photos may contain distracting backgrounds or unintentional photobombers. Every professional wedding photographer captures such moments and separates the bests ones to present to their clients, some retain all rights and sell portraits and albums alone, some allow them to be purchased, and others include them in their photography packages along with their service. Most couples at this point trust that the selection we choose will be much less overwhelming to look at in general and when selecting the images for their wedding album.

There are some other couples that may really enjoy everything and truly want every image captured on the wedding day even if they are un-edited because they just want all their memories. To those couples, we are not going to turn you down, instead we will embrace the fact that you love your memories that much and we are honored that you entrust us to capture them. We will edited the selected best still and the rest will remain unedited yet full of love. Sure, they may not all be tack sharp and perfectly exposed, but the emotions that originally created such moments will still be felt and preserved. Josh and I do our very best to capture our pictures well to ensure less editing on the back end so we are really not ashamed of the images we don’t typically deliver in the enhanced selection. In those cases, we will first convert them to .jpg files so clients who include them on to their wedding package can actually look at them. This can be easily done by following tips at:

Telling clients to not use the word RAW may seem picky, but honestly, if you do ask if you can also include the RAW images to your package, even if you really meant the unedited files, most photographers may think you are asking for the RAW files and decline the wedding because they are typically too large to deliver unless in an external drive. Each of our images we take average over 70MB per image. Yes, over 70,000,000 bytes per image so are too large to deliver to most couples so we don’t.

So in short, do we deliver RAW files to our amazing brides and grooms? The answer is not RAW (.NEF) files but we can add on the unedited memories in .jpg format if they so wish.

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Do We Deliver our RAW Files to Clients?

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