Murphy’s Law in Weddings: The Broken Garter

The Murphy’s Law series is our way to warn brides that in spite of ALL the amazing pictures we show you on our website, in most weddings, life happens and something throws us a bit off course. Those are the parts of the Story that make each of our brides days completely unique! Many times there are quick fixes to these obstacles and in other times, they may rob us from wedding day time. Regardless, they teach me a thing or two of things that happen on wedding days and hope that I can share our experiences with you to possibly help avoid similar situations. And if they do happen still, let’s hope I have something in my wedding toolbox to help fix the issue at hand. Each episode will include a story and a segment to hopefully find ways to resolve this issue so it would not cause too much heartache on upcoming wedding days.

Episode 1: The Garter

Not everything is one size fits all! Even if you are the most slender, petite bride out there! In fact, the only garter I have seen break so far has been with a bride who makes me want to run to the gym every morning! Seriously, she is all skin and muscle, feminine muscle. Anyway, enough envy triggering remarks… Just wanted to clarify, so when this particular bride reads this post, she knows for sure I am aware that the garter ran way too small! So small that it would probably reach my knee cap after tugging it past my calf muscle. After taking a picture of the intricate detail of the garter, and adjusting it a bit on to her leg, the embroidery trim attached to the garter’s elastic lace had came undone! Moments before the bride was to have her first look with her dad. In fact, I believe that he was right outside the hallway waiting for us to give him the ok to see his daughter dressed in white for the first time. In moments like these, I am entirely grateful that while living in Puerto Rico and enrolling in fashion design school was not entirely in vain! After the room filled with silent gasps, I calmly reached in my photo-bag while saying “Oh, I can just stitch that back up!” The gasps turned into sighs of relief and laughter as they saw me get right to work. the mother of the bride was SO excited about it all that she reached down at my camera to take a few pictures of me repairing the minor breakage.

Garer too tight

Wedding photographer fixing the broken garter

In less than 5 minutes she was wearing the garter yet again, and she was able to see her daddy for the last time as a single lady… moments before having a first look with her now husband. In moments like these, I am grateful to be a Jack of All Trades Master of Photo.

After fixing the wedding garter

Stunning wedding photos KC

How would you avoid this situation?
1. Since it is essentially impossible to try on garters before purchasing online (and many times even the ones in stores are in their boxes) Be sure to measure you thigh before making the payment. Now try not to buy one too large, you don’t want it sliding down your leg as you walk down the aisle!!
2. Be sure you or someone brings a sewing kit to your wedding. It never hurts to be prepared!

Life is WAY too short to experience all the effects of Murphy’s Law during weddings (nor do we wish to try to experience them all). If you have experienced something like this in your or a friend’s wedding (or would like to share your own Murphy’s Law wedding case) please share! We can all grow together!

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Murphy’s Law in Weddings: The Broken Garter

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