How To Use Google on Your Wedding Day

So I am huge on getting most, if not all, your wedding planning done before the big day to ensure that things run smoothly. But there are a few small details that can be quite effortless and add a whole lot of class to your wedding day. Take folding a suit pocket handkerchief for instance: this groom realized that this small detail can make his already classy look become even classier.

how to use google on your wedding day

how to use google on your wedding day

There are things that can be left for the day of, but remember to not leave too many things for when you are getting ready! Other tying skills can take time (especially those non clip-on bow ties!) In that case, I’d have at least your best-man google the skill a few days beforehand and learn the tie it on himself and on others. I know Josh had to google the skill at least twice now to help grooms out so it is possible! Same day fixes are of course easier on the groom’s side since the bride has so much more preparation (to say the least!) So, again, be sure to not leave too many details up to googling last minute fixes, remember that it is a good resource to quickly enhance a look or style.

How have you seen Google used on a wedding day that made a look/style better or even save a situation?

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How To Use Google on Your Wedding Day

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