How Grooms Can Look More Relaxed in Engagement Photos

Let’s admit it, sometimes guys don’t really care too much about photos; they don’t like to feel overly posed, and do NOT want to end up in the Awkward Family Photo website in a few decades… or ever! So I really appreciate meeting our grooms with our brides for the first time along with Josh by my side during our initial consultations. Because most of our grooms have experienced family portraits, they are not sure what they will get with their engagement and wedding photos. Now being a mom, I get where that uncertainty comes from! “Comb your hair!” “Tuck in your shirt!” “Smile,” “Don’t smile like that!” “You’re not getting your treat if you don’t listen!” You can only imagine what my son had to deal with until I realized what I was doing to him and his desire to wantto take photos!

So, knowing that now, I can imagine the dread some grooms tend to bring with them when they first approach us. I have seen it—the lack of interest. I’ve seen the I’m-here-because-she-really-wants-to-talk-to-you-guys look. But I’ve also noticed that most of our grooms come to initially meet us out of love to their brides. They know that photography is important to them so they come because they want to make sure their brides are taken care of! I LOVE that because that is what Josh does for me! He makes sure that if I’m going to get something that is truly important to me, he wants to be there too.

There have been many times where our couples open up to us and admit that they hate to pose in front of the camera and feel like they don’t know how to look they way our couples do on our website. THAT is where Josh and I assure them that it’s just not something they need to worry about. That is OUR job to make their moments not only look, but feel magical. It it our job to get their genuine smiles out, and it is our job to find out what our couples would want to see on their walls for their children and grandchildren to see and fall in love with!

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What I LOVE about our grooms is that they love their brides so much that they overcome the fears of what we moms put our boys through, and know that instead of being constantly corrected because they are not smiling “right”, they will make the most of their memories with their brides and brides-to-be during their wedding and engagement sessions. In many cases Josh and I find out certain hobbies and sports that bring out their personalities so well! And slowly we start to see that genuine groom our brides fell in love with which is when the real magic happens!

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I love hearing our grooms express how painless the session was and how much they truly enjoyed it. We especially LOVE seeing the expressions both our brides and grooms give us when we show them an amazing shot on the back of our cameras!

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To all brides and grooms still worried about your engagement photos, let me give you a few suggestions to make the most of your engagement session:

    1. Don’t worry about the posing, if you love what your photographer has on their website, they will do a great job with making sure you are going to look good too (even if you think you are not photogenic—this goes for the girls too!)

    2. Ignore the photographers during the session. Unless they are talking to you and asking you to do something, honestly, the more you just spend time with your sweetheart, the better they turn out!

    3. Make your bride smile. That is your one job. If you get it right, she will feel loved and that will be forever captured on “film”.

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Oh and one more piece of advice: Make sure that her lips either match you or that they are kiss-proof.

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How Grooms Can Look More Relaxed in Engagement Photos

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