Sarju & Resha: Hindu Garba Night in Chicago’s Double Tree Hotel: ONE of THREE

When Sarju and Resha first contacted us, we were excited to meet them over google hangouts since they were both in Chicago for their wedding there. It was an instant bond! We were laughing so much that our son came down and started waving at them thinking that they were some cousins of mine. (He must have mistaken them with Matt and Theza– he knew we were shooting one of my cousin’s weddings in September!) To say the least we were stoked for them!

As soon as I walked into the lobby to check in to the Double Tree Hotel where all the wedding events were taking place, joy was fully present when Resha turned around right in front of me! We instantly hugged which probably may have seemed like we were long lost friends to all the onlookers in the lobby. I love greeting all our brides and grooms with a hug–it must be the Puerto Rican-ness in me! I later met with Sarju in a similar manner after settling in and scoping around the venue I went in to check out the Grand Ballroom. I’m sure I drooled at one point when I saw the embedded chandelier ceiling! I loved how they transformed the ballroom with the drapes along the wall with a center focal place on the stage where the live band will be setting up. As I turned to leave the ballroom, I ran right into Sarju who also welcomed me the same way as Resha did! It was SO amazing to finally meet them {especially before everything began}! I got to linger around the ballroom for a bit more as he told me what were his favorite details of the decor and events that would happen that evening which had me noticing that both Sarju and Resha took on a nearly impossible task and executed it so well–they planned their own Hindu wedding together and treated it with as much care and detail as if it were their firstborn. Moments like these make me SO happy that most every venue we shoot at has an amazing venue wedding coordinator- otherwise, I’m sure Sarju and Resha would have taken that on too!

Then the time came to start pictures, we captured some of Sarju as we waited for Resha’s arrival! We were going to have them first see each other outside by the gazeebo, but the weather was teasing us and pushed us indoors where we would not have to worry about Resha’s hair and make-up getting ruined so early on. And it was a good thing too because it had to last all night with all the jammed packed events going on!

After a few more shots inside, with the ballroom exclusively open for them {and later for family} we got to see Sarju and Resha interacting and see their cute expressions of affection and wanted to highlight that while we had the ballroom all to ourselves.

Then guests started arriving for the cocktail hour and they mingled and chatted with those who were there.

And then the party began.

They lit a candle and placed it on the rangoli and started the dance circling the Ambaji statue. We were amazed as we saw the circle of family and friends grow from one to about four rows. As the music grew faster, and the dance was repeated once again, the dandiyas were set out in preparation for the raas dance which would take place soon after the performances carefully prepared for the couple.

The raas dance with the dandiyas was SO fun to watch, that at a point I wanted to drop my gear and grab some sticks {dandiyas} and started to dance too– but that would have required so much coordination, I decided to capture more shots instead and fell in love with the many closeups Josh took as well.

After the Raas was over, there was much more dancing left in them and throwing the couple up on their shoulders too! I never tire of seeing how exciting it is to capture All the fun ways our couples get to celebrate with their friends and family! We were especially impressed on how much time and energy Sarju and Resha put into each of their events! We loved seeing them enjoy it and can’t wait to write about their next event tomorrow… the wedding ceremony! Get ready to see this gorgeous couple look even more amazing as they prepare for the day which made Mr and Mrs Sarju Patel. See you all tomorrow!


Double Tree Hotel in Oak Brooks Chicago

Ambaji in center of grand ballroom in Double Tree

Ambaji Statue

Groom in front of Ambaji statue

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Garba night

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Sarju & Resha: Hindu Garba Night in Chicago’s Double Tree Hotel: ONE of THREE

  1. Dustin Fife

    October 5th, 2015 at 10:45 am

    Love that first shot. Super cool lighting 🙂

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