Engagement Session Props Do’s & Don’ts

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As on-location photographers we typically do not generate our own props because trends come and go so quickly and wouldn’t want to impose a prop on our clients. We like to let their personalities shine! So typically they bring their props or use our surroundings to accentuate.

Disclaimer: This is for a non-stylized shoot, of course if you would like to get a very specific look, you would want to bring props to make it look perfectly intentional : )

When we talk to our clients about props, we can direct them to consider the following:


Use props that highlight the story of you-Sure we see lots of fun pictures on pinterest, but if it takes away from your personality, then it’s not your story. Do something you can later on tell a story about it and remember back on.
Classy- Most of our clients love the timeless look we strive for in each shoot so when they bring props to their sessions, they’d bring something that will still make sense in a decade or two from now.
Consider if we can’t bring the prop to the session bring the session to the prop.
Look around– The setting plays a key part of the session. Typically we are shooting there because it is a special location for the couple or because it has a lot fun features that the couple likes, so if there are dandelion weeds wishing flowers around that would add to the shoot and fun of the session, use it!
Ask Permission if the prop is part of the venue, ask permission or have your photographer ask permission to use the on-site props beforehand. This shows consideration on your behalf and professionalism on your photographer’s behalf. You want to be sure beforehand that such props are safe climb on, pick up, and if they are fragile in any way.


Use Too many– props can actually take away from the session. Sometimes the prop adds to the emotion that the photo is telling and in times the prop is the story teller. I think that there are times that our clients have enjoyed photos that captured their love for each other so well, that no prop at all was needed. My input on this, is if it takes away from the groom getting to kiss the bride or if it takes away from snuggle-time, we have way too many props.
Make it Complicated the last thing you want to do to your session is make it stressful. Photos retain a certain level of memory to them and if photos just remind you of the argument that it caused because someone forgot to bring the candlestick and the tablecloth for the table we are supposed to place in the middle of nowhere, every time you see those pictures, it may remind you of such emotions. Instead I’d prefer to get my clients to K.I.S.S. (Keep It SUPER Simple)!

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Using Props for engagement  Sessions

Here, he was really singing to her and was a pretty emotional moment!
Tell a story with your props

Props during engagement sessions

I LOVE using nature to frame our shots whenever needed! To me they are the best props ever! In this case, the tall grass, trees, and the sun are adding so much to this photo:
Engagement session props, use surroundings

Please comment below and tell us what you think about these suggestions and your thoughts on using props!

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Engagement Session Props Do’s & Don’ts

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