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Monday, May 21st, 2018

What Does Ed Sheeran Have to with Kansas City Weddings?

Kansas City Weddings

Ed Sheeran and Kansas City Weddings

Kansas City is nicknamed the heart of America. Since living here, we have been bombarded with warm smiles, hugs, and much love! Kansas City is a beautiful melting pot! This song just absolutely describes the kind of love we get to witness here in Kansas City weddings! After being part of a couple hundred weddings, it’s probably safe to say that we have a connection to a very specific genre of couples. A lot of which I feel are multicultural. Being a multicultural couple ourselves, we get it. The joining of two unconventional areas of the world speaks to me. So what do a British musical genius and an Italian legend have to do with weddings in Kansas City? This song somehow resonates the same way I feel about the multicultural or fusion weddings we capture. The moment Andrea Bocelli starts to sing, it feels as if I step into another world. A world familiarly unfamiliar. It carries the message of love in another language and style but somehow compliments Ed Sheeran’s original version. That is what I feel about many of our weddings… and my own marriage with Josh!

What this Song Teaches about Marriage

That is how I feel about my own marriage with Josh. We start life in our own world and in our own language and as the song finishes, both voices are joined—even harmonizing with the other! besides the musical value of the song, the message is absolutely a gem! I don’t pretend to know Italian, but when listening carefully to what is sung in Italian, there is something they sing in Italian slightly different than what he sings in English. Instead of saying that she looks perfect tonight, he says she is perfect to him! I love the sentiment, the video, and the blend of cultures. I love how this describes the love I see in the Kansas City weddings we capture. This song, specifically this version, is just Perfect! ♥

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