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Saturday, November 25th, 2017

These Are Our Vows: Season 1 Episode 1 -What a Ride

Wow! Over a year ago I had started to conceive an idea that birthed from a Ten-Year anniversary session we captured. We At first I wanted to create a series of Q&As but something felt off… So we took the concept on how we wanted to present this to the world back to the drawing board as we on the side tarted to select couples who have inspired at least one of us one way or another. We are so grateful that each couple we reached out to accepted to be part of this great series which we hope would draw hope to married couples when (not if) they encounter problems that may put their marriage at risk. We invite all married couples (newlywed or seasoned couples alike) to watch this series for These Are Our Vows and we must protect them.

Our Vows

As you will see, in this episode, Laurie and Danny are a light hearted couple who are such a joy to talk with! Since day One, I wanted to be like them (Josh even has the Russian down!) They are both musically inclined and the most amazing hosts! We think the world of them and hope many can realize that even couples who seem to be happy all the time, have their ups and downs. And even though they (actually we all) have problems, we can make the choice to grow from it or let get out of control. I used to think that smiling even when I hurt inside used to feel hypocritical, but eventually I allowed those positive feelings to take over. Instead of focusing on what my new husband lacked I started to focus on all the good he did (and continues to do) for our family.

Knowing that amazing families struggle at times helps me realize that there is hope yet for our marriage too. Here is episode one from our first season of titled: What a Ride!

To See all our updated episodes, you can watch them on our website on under Our Vows

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