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Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Getting ready at Magdalena’s in Tonganoxie KS: Jessie and Andrew

Magdalena's salon and chapel in Tonganoxie KS

Magdalena’s Venue and Salon

Jessie got ready and Magdalena’s Venue and Salon. It is such a beautiful gem hidden in Tonganoxie Kansas! The fact that the venue has a salon built into it is just a brilliant idea. The lighting within the salon in the back of the venue—which is where Jessie got ready—was just on point.

I love the contrast of the wooden floors and the wooden feeling sandwiched between the creamy white walls. So natural and neutral in color, allowing it to match with any wedding that comes through its doors.

Magdalena's salon and chapel

getting ready at Magdalena's

brides dress hanging up

Andrew got ready and the cottage a few blocks away, literally walking distance! I love how he used brown and silver in his wedding attire.

groom gettign ready

Her shoes were just amazingly gorgeous! I love the rhinestones and ornaments decorating the backs of her shoes!

bridal shoes

getting last touches of makeup

groom getting dressed

final touches on hair

I loved that Jessie had three additional Rings walking down the aisle tied to a bouquet rings from her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. That is a beautiful sentiment which symbolizes the love of the mothers of from Jessie’s Generations.

Floral Bouquet Tonganoxie

groom putting on suit

mother of the bride helping her get dressed

I love the reflection of Jessie and her mother on the door!

bridal reflection

bridal dress buttons

groom getting ready in Tonganoxie KS

bride putting on shoe

Again, Magdalena’s venue just had the perfect amount of lighting anywhere you turned within its venue’s walls. The picture of Jessie on the sofa was one of my favorites since this room looked very Pinterest-worthy.

bride by window

bride on sofa

After Jessie got to see her father for the first time as a bride which was most tender and lovely, she got to see Andrew. He was waiting for her at the front of the venue just outside of the chapel and she came to him he gave her the biggest smile and made her laugh.

bride's first look with dad

bride's first look with groom

Tomorrow we will continue with Jessie and Andrew’s wedding portrait which highlights the moment just before they get married.

All photos are by Mojica Photography

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