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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Olathe KS Embassy Suites Indian Wedding Ceremony

Just before the sisters niece and cousin of the bride walk down the aisle and procession Rhythm of Dreams started off by singing and hosting the Indian Wedding ceremony. Then after the groom entered with both his mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law his family started a protein with gifts to the bride.

Rhythm of Dreams Indian Wedding

Gifts for Indian Bride

Indian Wedding Ceremony

I don’t know why, but I always love when the father gets to wash the groom’s feet moments before his daughter arrives. It is extremely humbling to me that his father symbolically and physically cleans his soon-to-be son-in-law.

washing Indian Grooms Feet

As a bridesmaid and the bride’s family enter you could almost feel the entire environment of the room change in anticipation! Of course with the little ring bearer coming in claiming to have lost the rings that mood turns into laughter.

Grand Entrance Indian Wedding

And then Priya and walks in with her parents on either side bringing her to her groom to be wed. I absolutely love the stunning garlands! They were fabulous, delicate, luxurious all wrapped in one!

Grand Entrance of Indian bride Wedding

Indian Bride and Groom Wedding Ceremony

Live Weddign Painting

In the meanwhile, as everything is happening on stage, Cindy from Too Rooster Artistry quietly paints the lovely scene from her perspective. A scene with bright colors, matching those in the wedding!

Live wedding painting in progress

Indian Wedding professionals KC

Indian Bride touching coconut

Hindi wedding Ceremony

There are many symbolic parts in a Hindu wedding and all of them are very visually appealing. It is so lovely to see as they walk around the flame with his family on one side and hers on the other they throw petals at them and good wishes.

walking around the flame Indian Wedding

Indian wedding ceremony

Indian wedding ceremony

Indian Groom necklance

Now, this is not just any ring box! This is an amazing scene that the groom created for his bride. It is a peacock hauling her new wedding band in stow.

Indian wedding ring box

Indian Wedding exchange of rings

Indian wedding portraits at Mandap

Cindy adds finishing touches to the life painting she has been creating.

Live wedding painting in progress

It’s So Hard to Say Good-bye

This part is typically the most emotional beautiful part in all of the Indian weddings that we capture. It is when the bride says goodbye to her family because she will soon be leaving. Even though there will be a reception at the same venue afterwards this still is the moment the family really says goodbye. The emotions are very obvious, Priya will be missed among her family members.

Indian Bride farewell


We were so grateful that Priya and Ashish were able to find this car through Showtime Transportation! Even though they are a limo company, they were able to provide a car for the couple to ride off in. It is not everyday that we get to take pictures of a Stingray Corvette ZO6! It was their farewell car. It’s always fun when sisters and cousins stand in front calling fun. While her aunt anoints the car. Moments before they drive off as a married couple.

Stingray Corvette Z06

Indian Bridal Farewell Stingray Corvette Z06
Indian Bride and Groom driving away

All photos are by Mojica Photography
Venue: Embassy Suites, Olathe Convention Center
Wedding Planner: Quintessential Event Planning
Bride Outfit: Shyamal & Bhumika
Hair: White Carpet Bride
Makeup: Makeup by Ayesha Baig
Decorations: Kiran’s Decorations
Flowers: A&L Floral Designs
Live Paining: Too Rooster Artistry
Live Music: Rhythm of Dreams
Corvette: Showtime Transportation

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