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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Wedding in the Rain- Powell Gardens

What do you do when you get to marry the perfect person for you, at your perfect location, on the perfect time of the year, but the forecast is anything but perfect?! You plan, prepare, and try your very best that you have a plan B. We have heard many say that “rain on your wedding day is good luck and that is shows that you will endure anything!” Well, whether that is true or not, it is important to prepare ahead of time what to do to make the most of your wedding day when the weather person forecasts a thunderstorm going on ALL DAY on your wedding day!

Now What?

Not much can be done about how the day would look, but attitude will make a difference in pictures! I absolutely loved that the father of this bride kept telling her that he “had a pocket full of sunshine”! The reaction she gave him was a quick rolling of the eyes followed by a smile probably of gratitude that he daddy was doing all he good to keep her smiling ❤

How Do You Prepare for Rain?

Plan, plan, plan! For this wedding we brought an extremely large umbrella and added it to our emergency kit for the day. We also added a few other things like rain boots (or galoshes as Josh prefers to call them) we picked up a cute pair that day just in case the bride needed to wear something else on her feet– which she did! Now a days we have so many cute varieties we can almost never go wrong! We also brought my long black rain-resistant trench coat which I used to protect my gear for a little bit and we brought towels just in case, but never really used them much.

What Professional Luxury Wedding Photographers Do

Even though we were blessed to have the rain halt after the first look and never really pour down again, we had back up plans for the wedding pictures so that we could capture the unique story for this couple. We look for the beautiful things around us so we even try to see the beauty rain leaves behind like reflection puddles and raindrops. I must admit that if it did rain, we had planned out several areas to go to and called ahead to Powell Gardens and asked their staff if we could have certain access to certain locations due to the weather, which they of course understood and allowed us to have as back up locations.

Though we do not wish rain on any of our brides’ wedding days, we are so grateful for moments like these because we end up making room to think outside the box to create a breath taking moments in spite of the weather conditions. Truthfully, this weather gave us perspective on what to do when it rains on a wedding day which is something all wedding professionals need to do to keep on their toes!

Wedding rings on a gold flower girl crown

groom waiting for his bride

bride putting on shoes

bride'up hairdo

generation rings

rainy wedding first look with dad

dad givin groom advice to make marriage last

groom waiting for first look
bride crying

how to work around a rainy day

reflection on puddle

couple at powell gardens

bride and groom kiss

getting married at Powell gardens

powell gardens wedding

powell gardens wedding

bride wearing rain boots

bride looking up

Bride with flower girl

spiderman kiss

  1. Becky Smith

    May 31st, 2017 at 8:40 am

    These professionals go out of their way to make it a spectacular event no matter if it is rain, shine or snow! I have had the pleasure of working with them for two weddings and loved every minute of it. They are thoughtful and kind in every way and make each and every person feel special. Each event having a quick look at the pictures was such a pleasant surprise. You are truly gifted individuals!

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