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Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Making an Engagement Session a Work of Art in Kansas City

I must be honest. I really don’t know how long the sign “Kansas City I’m so in Love” has been on the wall! There I said it!!! But ever since I’ve noticed it, It’s message has resonated with a lot of our wedding couples! I absolutely love its message because for two people starting a new chapter in their lives, telling their world that they are in love means so much ❤! Although you may not realize it in the pictures, the day we took these pictures was incredibly cold yet they endured it well—even without their jackets on most of the time!!

In spite of the cold, it was incredibly fun to take pictures Downtown Kansas City highlighting the incredibly different types of backdrops with the our great city offers: the architectural elements, stores, and even the street car!

Though both Josh and I shoot simultaneously most of the time, I absolutely love it when he puts on his lighting guy hat to make a great shot look like a masterpiece! So for this instance he stop shooting for a bit to help me capture this richly detailed ring shot that made it seem as if we were in the field in a nice warm summary day while we were all actually sitting on the cold sidewalk next to a small patch of wild grass between a small parking lot and the street. Although I absolutely love capturing memories of our couples, I must admit there are many times that we love love love creating art! ❤

Kansas City I'm So in Love sign

Engagement session downtown KC wall of Ivy

guy checking out girl in streets

kc architectural structures engagement session

kissing nose in front of restaurant

in front of white wall in kc

an engaged couple sharing a kiss downtown kansas city

engaged couple riding the streetcar downtown kcmo

engaged couple riding the streetcar downtown kcmo and then kissing

engagement ring on a blade of grass in Kansas City

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