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Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017

I’m going to let you step into our little world behind the scenes a bit. Scary, I know!

Valentine’s Day 2017
I was planning on attending a voluntary meeting filled with wedding professionals to brainstorm about business related items. But after thinking more about the fact that it would interfere my routine lunchtime with Josh, I decided that it was more important to me that I did something for him on the day the we dedicate to love! So instead of going to the meeting, I decided to plan out a picnic and create a few memories of our own while I’m at it! So I got the camera and tripod ready, a picnic blanket, a nice quick lunch, and hot cocoa just in case it was too chilly outside. I also grabbed a few decorative items to make it a little more cute and thoughtful. The funny thing was that while I was driving over to him, he was driving over to the place where I was supposed to be in that meeting I decided to skip! He was even geared up with a bouquet of flowers and a sweet pastry ready to to steal me away for lunch. ❤ Thank goodness for cell phones and that I was able to call him back when I realized his car was not in his usual parking spot. 🙂 I am SO grateful that we both had the same idea; which was to make each other feel loved and appreciated on the day we celebrate love. ❤
Wedding Photographers having picnic in Kansas City

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