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Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Kansas City’s Wedding Professional Feature- Luxe Photobooth

Just as it is extremely fun getting to meet new couples, we absolutely LOVE getting to know the other wedding professionals we get to rub shoulders with during weddings. Getting to meet fellow wedding pros enables us to see their work and admire the ways they contribute in making our couples’ wedding days memorable! This month we wanted to feature another wedding professional that took some photos of our couple and guests during their wedding day, and we didn’t mind it one bit! It was actually pretty entertaining as a matter of fact! Our Kansas City wedding professional feature of April 2016 goes to Peter Chung from Luxe Photobooth!

luxe photobooth kc weddings

Q: Peter, tell me a little about yourself, I just saw that you recently jumped out of a plane! *Jealous!!!* What do you like to do in your spare time besides making your heart stop?
Peter: I’m not originally from Kansas City but KC has been my home for the last 11 years. I was born and raised in the Windy City, Chicago, and I love Kansas City. My wife and I are very simple people and I love the pace of life here in Kansas City compared to being in a big city. Most people might consider it boring but my wife and I are mostly homebodies and like spending time together. In my spare time, I like to learn new things, whether it be through reading, exercising to learn new movements, learning about health and nutrition, or experiencing something totally different like skydiving 😉 I will always be a student of life and enjoy the process of challenging myself and being open to learning something new.

Q: How did you start Luxe Photobooth?
Peter: I’ve always been fascinated by media and the impact that it can have when done well. I taught myself Photoshop starting with version 3.0 throughout high school. I was one of the first people I knew to buy a digital camera and really delved into digital photography. Throughout college, I mixed music and sound effects for a dance ministry, and my interest naturally grew to include video and film.

I started out in the wedding industry as a videographer and I loved shooting weddings and bringing it all together into a cohesive, emotional story. I loved hearing from people who would watch my wedding films that they don’t even know the couple but felt like they got to know them through my films and got emotional watching their weddings. However, being a perfectionist, I was spending too much time working and falling behind with my edits. I started to get burned out and stressed and knew something had to change because I did not have any time to do anything else but sit in front of my computer editing all day.

One of my clients at the time was telling me about her photobooth company and it planted a seed in my mind and as I thought more and more about it, there were aspects of the photobooth business that I started to get really excited about. The rest, as they say, is history!

Q: I am slightly obsessed over your branding, what was the inspiration behind the logo?
Peter: Luxe is a French word meaning “luxurious” or of high quality, which perfectly describes our business model and the service we provide. The logo was just me experimenting and playing around with different flourishes and accents in Photoshop but I wanted to keep it simple, classy, and elegant.

Q: What do you feel makes Luxe Photobooth unique among most other photobooths?
Peter: There are a few things that makes our photobooth unique.

For one, I know my system inside and out. I designed and built the photobooth and also wrote the software. Many people just want to create art without knowing the technicalities of their craft but unless you know the technical aspects, you cannot create your best art. I designed the lighting to create soft, flattering lighting, I know the camera settings and can adjust them for different situations if needed, and if anything were to go wrong, I can troubleshoot quickly as I know how everything works. I wrote the software because I wanted to implement features that I could not find anywhere else.

I also love our photostrip designs.They have an aesthetic of good, clean design and elegance. Others may work off of templates but we try to match our designs with the theme of your wedding or event and make sure that you are thrilled with every little detail of the design.

You can even use photostrips for a Save the Date or take a set of photos in the photobooth to send as a Thank You to all your guests afterwards [Examples attached].

One thing that continues to make me cringe when I see other photobooth photos are the gawdy and tacky props that litter the photos. If you are at a wedding, everyone is dressed in their finest clothing and looking their best… why would you then want to wear a funny wig, feather boa, and oversized sunglasses? I think people are beautiful and I want to capture people’s facial expressions in a way that is hard to with even traditional photography. Take a look through our photo galleries and you will see how much genuine fun people are having without the need for cheesy props. How we capture these images are a bit proprietary and you will have to experience it for yourself but I’d be happy to tell your readers more about it if they are interested in having us at their event.

Also, I’m a bit of a germophobe and cannot get over the idea of sharing hats, wigs, funky mustaches, and feather boas with hundreds of other people, especially if there are people having a good time (and sweating) on the dance floor at the event. Nor do I want to think about whether or not someone cleans each and every prop thoroughly and meticulously between their events. It’s a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Q: I think that is AMAZING that you created the software to your photobooth! Did you study computer science or software engineering for that?
Peter: I did study computer science and engineering but I had to learn a totally different programming platform. Like I said earlier, I love learning new things and I even used building the photobooth as an opportunity to learn woodworking so the booth is also built from scratch.

Q: What makes your software so unique that it encouraged you to make your own from the ground up?
Peter: At the time I started Luxe Photobooth in 2010, the photobooth industry was still in its infancy and there were not many options for photobooth software. Writing my own software allowed me to implement features that are unique to our booth like our proprietary suggestions generator, or different filters that can be applied to the images, and also optimize the software to run efficiently and without wasting computer resources. It also gives me the confidence that I know my system inside and out and am always thinking of ways to improve our system.

Q: How far do you travel for events? (If you would travel further, please include that as well)
Peter: We travel as far as the client wants us to 😉 We do events mainly in the Kansas City metro area but have done events from Topeka, KS to Chicago, IL.

Q: What other events do you work besides weddings? (if you only work weddings then I can remove this question unless you would like to talk about why you specialize in weddings)
Peter: We have done all sorts of events as the photobooth is great for any kind of event where people gather together to have a good time and create fun memories! We do fundraisers, corporate events, trade shows, branding activations, grand openings, holiday parties, Sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, reunions, etc. We just have a lot of fun!

Q: I simply LOVED the way you were able to customize the photostrip you made in our most recent wedding!! You trimmed out the couple from a photo we sent you as to frame the bottom of the photostrip, what other cool options do you have for couples?
Peter: For weddings, I love when we can incorporate a photo of the couple onto the photostrip. To up the ante and really impress guests, with some coordination, we can get a photo of the bride and groom from the day of their wedding onto the photostrips. It can add to the stress and is more work for us, but it’s totally worth it as guests have a photo of the bride and groom along with their photobooth photos.

I like to play around with different concepts and played around with the idea of a Save the Date where one person “crosses over” to the other person. It’s different, fun, and memorable.

Photostrip sample Photostrip samples provided by Luxe Photobooth

Peter Continues: Photobooths are excellent for fundraisers or branding activations because people do not throw away their photos. Many non-profits we work with find a photobooth sponsor which is a very good for marketing purposes while helping organizations raise funds as well as creating brand recognition. It’s a win-win situation!

Q: What do you love MOST about your business?
Peter: I love that I get to be a part of making people’s events unforgettable. I strive to do everything I do with excellence and when people are so excited and happy with our service, it makes me happy.

Q: I cannot stress enough how great it was working with you, Peter! I loved how involved you were with the couple and how quick you were in responding to emails; that certainly is a plus! Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your business? (You can even include ways you can be reached)
Thanks, Loraine. It was great working with you as well and seeing the smiles you brought to people’s faces.

Peter: One thing people may not have considered is that having a photobooth at your wedding is the best way to get great images of your guests. While your photographer is focused on you and the other details that make your wedding unique, we capture fun and engaging photos of your guests. The images that are captured in the photobooth are so much more dynamic, fun, and memorable than the typical table shots that are taken for posterity. Your guests have taken time out of their day to celebrate with you and a photobooth is a great way to see how happy and excited they are for you. One of the biggest regrets of brides is that they didn’t get more photos of/with their guests. One of the biggest regrets of brides who’ve had a photobooth at their wedding is that they didn’t take more photos in the photobooth.

As far as things that are coming up with Luxe Photobooth, we have some exciting new photobooth concepts in the works that you’ll probably hear about soon! I can’t wait to be able to reveal more details!

Lux photobooth at a pakistani reception

photobook in KC

Loraine: Seeing our couples and their guests have fun and enjoy specific moments of their wedding events truly is a joy! I saw that in Shaheen and Seth‘s wedding reception this last weekend! It truly was a blast and I’m so grateful you were a part of it.

photostrip sample Recognize the photo framing this photostrip? I Love this feature! I can’t wait to see what new things Peter has up his sleeve!!!

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