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Friday, April 15th, 2016

Pinball Machines and Comic Books make SUPER Engagement Sessions!!

So Josh and I had the most fun time taking Shaheen and Seth’s newleywed pictures as we captured moments at both Replay Lounge and AstroKitty Comics in Lawrence, KS! Although they had already gotten married recently, this newlywed session plays a lot like an engagement session (fun, hugging, and just the two of them!) We LOVED that They decided to take pictures in places that truly meant something to them are captured in places they frequently visit downtown! I have NOT confessed this until this moment, but though I do not consider myself a Marvel/DC guru, I remember the summers I lost myself absorbed in the Dark Phoenix Saga waaaaay before the first X-Men movies started popping up in the early 2000’s! Needless to say, I was stoked to capture these pictures. I simply do not know how I missed both Replay and Astrokitty while we lived in Lawrence…

I’m SUPER excited for both Shaheen and Seth and simply can’t wait to capture their upcoming reception! It will be fun!

Pinball machine engagement session

couple at the mic at replay lounge

Pinball with reflection of engaged couple on it

Engagement session in Lawrence Kansas

at replay lounge by mojica photography

comic book store photo session

fun comic book shot

couple in comic book store

swimming in comic books

astrokitty comics in lawrence KS photo session

engagement session at comic book store

engagement session at comic book store

best smile because he loves his bride

And of course, we can’t end a SUPER shoot without an epic Superhero shot! #ilovemyjob
Local Super Heroes in Lawrence KS

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