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Monday, February 29th, 2016

Leap Over to Our New Website and Blog Design!

Wedding photographers KC new website

Today is Leap Day!! It is such a fitting day to describe our feelings toward our new Mojica Photography Blog and website design!! We are beyond excited because we were able to create it ourselves to suit our own look and style! We may be making some sweet updates to them in the near future, but in the meantime, we are excited to have a new brand and look that suits us (especially compared to our last blog design!) I am SO grateful for the Showit 5 team who created such an AMAZING program which made website and blog designing SO easy and letting our creative juices flow, thus enhancing our internet presence! We feel SO incredibly honored and blessed to have been selected from among many other amazing creatives to test the new and improved Showit web design program. It sounds SO weird to call it a program because it is much more like a community since they helped me SO much along the way in times when I got stuck on my design. For all of you who got to witness our previous blog: thank you SO much for loving us anyway, if you can, let us know what you think of our new design! And for all of the rest of you, welcome to our blog and new website! We are excited you came to visit and would love to hear from you too!


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