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Saturday, January 9th, 2016

LDS Kansas City Temple Weddings- Karen and Christian

LDS Kansas City Temple Weddings

There are moments when you feel that time just stands still. That is how it feels when we shoot LDS Kansas City Temple weddings! Even in the extreme cold weather, we love to find beauty in the smallest of things. From the droplets of water flowing from the fountain to the small little birds toughing out the wintery day! I love to see the quiet moments that surround the temple while its walls protect the couple and their family from the cold world outside. In these moments, while Josh probably gets flashbacks of living in Russia, I contemplate the silence broken only by the song of the winter wren. ❤ Though I’d probably prefer to be at a warm beach, I cannot deny the beauty of this place!

winter wren in Kansas City MO

Kansas City Temple

Kansas City Temple winter Wedding

fountain at Kansas City Temple

Winter LDS Kansas City Temple wedding

Winter LDS Kansas City Temple wedding frost

Winter LDS Kansas City Temple wedding frost


I stepped inside every now and then to warm up and to verify if the ceremony was over. We also made sure that all the hand warmers had been handed out to everyone who needed one. We also made sure that someone held on to a few for the bride and groom. Once we noticed that guests were coming down from the ceremony, together we all braced ourselves against the cold weather to await the grand exit of Karen and Christian.
a cold wintery day

Getting sealed at the LDS Kansas City MO temple

exiting the KC LDS Temple

trying to keep warm on a cold winter day in front of the lds Temple in kansas City

Adjusting a bowtie

Hablo Español

Because this was the first wedding where my Spanish wove in and out of my sentences just as I did growing up in Puerto Rico, it was nostalgia in every sense of the word! This makes me wonder if I should start shooting for quinceañeras. It’s nice to be able to freely speak to Karen and Christian’s entire in both English and Spanish! I’m so grateful for Jennifer for finding us! She decided to give her brother a temple wedding photography package as her wedding present to them!

The Memories at LDS Kansas City Temple Weddings

Once Karen and Christian came out, everyone cheered! After family formals, we were able to capture a few fun memories with the wedding party and the couple. I love how Josh captures funny moments like the guys all trying to huddle together with the cape and while I took the formal portraits of the ladies. These in-between moments always make me smile. The thing I most love about Karen and Christian’s wedding day was that in spite of the cold, they wanted to make sure that they got to take pictures outside together so they can always remember back on the day they were sealed for time and eternity. ❤
KC LDS Temple wedding photographers
exiting the KC LDS Temple wedding
Bride and groom kiss in front of LDS temple in Kansas CityBride and groom in front of LDS temple in Kansas CityBride and groom kiss in front of guestsgroomsman hugs bride
winter day in front of KC Temple

LDS Kansas City Temple Weddings

Groomsmen in front of LDS KC Temple

Bridesmaids on winter day

keeping warm on wedding day

Bride and groom married in winter

LDS KC Temple Bride and groom

LDS KC Temple Bride and groom

LDS Kansas City Temple Weddings

Bride and groom walking by LDS Kansas City Temple

wedding rings on the door knob of the LDS Kansas City Temple

Photos by Mojica Photography

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