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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Our 8-Year-Old Boy Chose A Song for His Wedding- Already?! Featuring David Archuleta: Glorious

I have heard of little girls planning and dreaming about their wedding day as a child. I actually remember back when I was between that when I was 7 or 8 years old I determined that the youngest age I’d be when getting married would to be 21 (I actually got married at 25-at least I wasn’t too off, right?) I also determined no matter what, I’d be dressed in white while Daddy would walk me down to my hubby-to-be. I am SO grateful those things happened!

But our son is only 8 years old and he is obviously a boy! Do boys typically plan their weddings this young too? I wonder if it’s just because we are in the industry, he gets to see weddings as a very normal part of life. In unifying two families because two people chose to fall in love with each other.

Not too long ago, I was listening to music while I was editing a wedding and I must admit, I was slightly obsessed with David Archuleta’s version of Glorious. I love the lyrics especially the words:

It’s like a symphony just keep listening
And pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies
In each one of us

As a professional wedding story-teller (by means of photography) there are times where I get see glimpses of how certain friends, guests and family members play in the lives of our couples on their wedding days. Some have shown such deep love toward the couple in such a powerful way that at times I have been seen becoming blinded by my tears mixed with mascara as they fill my eyes. I love that I get to witness that over and over again in weddings! It is as if I can see how each of their lives formed a melody and as they flow together they create a masterpiece deserving a standing ovation. I will be moved but I’m sure that if I start applauding during someone’s wedding day, you’d think I’m crazy, so instead I’ll just continue clicking away as I try so hard to battle the tears.

I love that our son is already thinking of his own wedding day and that he is already praying for his future wife; that she stays protected and makes correct choices as she prepares herself too. We don’t even know who she is! I am glad that I have time to help him sort out the details, as his own wedding day is planned (in the back burner for sure). But in the meantime I’d like to share one of the songs he’s chosen to be played at some point during his wedding. I wonder if we could actually get David Archuleta to perform it. We’ll see.

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