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Friday, August 7th, 2015

Happiness at Work


When 3pm creeps into my office, I typically need a change of scenario to not feel so exhausted after a long day of planning, writing, editing, marketing, learning, organizing, emailing (among other work I get done at the desk!). Yesterday was a little different though, I did not even need to get up from my desk to stretch. It was the emotion of pure joy that perked me up, because one of our recent clients emailed us about how she felt after looking at her engagement photos. They engagement session is a result of something my husband and I did, so hearing finding out what our clients say about their photos means a lot to us. I simply LOVE getting these emails because they are candid and completely honest.

Now, with her permission, I’m going to share part of my joy with you:
feedback from happy client to photographer

Simple and sweet. Not too long, not too short just a great email that radiated pure joy and gratitude. Josh and I LOVED shooting their session too and knew how much we were going to LOVE their photos, but what is most important to us is that they have fun during the session and that they love their photos to remember the sweet memories captured on the day we took them. We LOVE doing what we do and are so grateful to be able to capture such memories and help retain happiness, Joy and love!

Here are just a few photos we shot from their shoot… their more of their engagement photos are found in Lindsey and Jerrin’s blog post a few posts ago!
client happy with her engagement photos in KCMO

Hope you have a fun filled day making memories! Spread the happiness and tell me something that made you happy today or yesterday {hugs!}

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